Applying for Tax Refund Cash Advance Emergency Loans

Do you know that you have access to a tax refund loan if your tax preparer provides the option? Agencies dealing with tax preparations avoid lending funds directly. These firms team up with lending institutions. When you get your refund, that sum or a part of it goes to the lender.

Getting A Tax Refund Loan

loan applicationMultiple tax preparation agencies sallow their clients to acquire against an expected tax refund. Many of these firms are available online and still have physical locations. This factor makes it easy if you prefer applying using either option. If you are one of the many who prepare their taxes, getting the services of a tax preparer is unnecessary. This recommendation is because online filing services provide refund loan selections.

So, how can you get the loan? Depending on the firm you decide to utilize, the loan should be ready within twenty-four hours. Generally, your refund check will take up to fifty-six days to process. If you file online, it will take shorter than twenty-one days. Regardless, the period is too long in case you have an emergency. If you expect to receive a tax refund, you’re eligible to request a loan.

What to Expect

Remember, likely, you’ll not get the full amount you need. Nevertheless, many agencies put the funds below your complete return value, in case the fund estimate is inaccurate. If you make a mistake on your return forms, you could easily get back less than you expect. If you ask for more than your refund can cover, you’re responsible for covering the remaining balance. Some preparers will consider the difference between your loan and actual refund but firstly inquire about their policies.
Hand holding a pen signing a contract

What If You Have Bad Credit?

One of the biggest advantages of a tax refund loan is that you do not need a good credit rating. The loan doesn’t pose the same risk to lenders like a line of credit or a traditional loan. Nonetheless, some lenders will still conduct a full credit check. This check will be put in your credit records and, as a result, affect your ratings. If they perform a light inquiry, your rating and history will not be affected.

Keep in mind that repaying this loan is manageable as long as you play your part. Try and clear the loan as soon as possible to avoid being tied to monthly charges.…

What Millennials Need to Know About Cryptocurrency Trading

Currency in the world is changing. With the rise in technology, people are coming up with ways to improve online business and transactions. This has led to the rise of cryptocurrency, which is a digital form of money or assets.

The cryptocurrency’s design is to help provide a platform for secure transactions and to control the creation of more money. The control does not lie on a single centralized banking system. It is purely decentralized, and this provides better security for your money. Cryptocurrency works through blockchain technology which is the public database for financial transactions. There are two main types of cryptocurrency which are Bitcoin and Litecoin. Bitcoin was developed as the first type of cryptocurrency while Litecoin came later on as an attempt to improve the bitcoin.


The first cryptocurrency to go through decentralization is the bitcoin. It was developed in 2009 by a developer named Satoshi Nakamoto. The SHA-256 hash function was its backbone and its main working scheme. Later on, in April 2011, Vince introduced the Namecoin. It was developed as a multipurpose naming system, stemming from the bitcoin. In the same year, another developer came up with another type of cryptocurrency called Litecoin. He developed it to come up with a better working system for the bitcoin that uses a scrypt hash function. The current most popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin.


There are now many different types of cryptocurrency. They all vary in rate. The bitcoin, holding the most value is worth 9,792.89 United Stated Dollars. Due to the value one bitcoin holds, the smallest amount of bitcoin is broken down into eight decimal places. The smallest value is one Satoshi which is equivalent to 0.00000001 bitcoin. A Namecoin, on the other hand, is worth 0.558346 United States dollars. The Litecoin’s value is slightly higher than the Namecoin value. It is worth 73.20 United States dollars. The three vary in their value, mostly because of the technology and coding behind them. Another thing that makes them different is the mining methods and processe for each of them.


With the rapid rise in technology and the change in times, there is more demand for secure methods of transferring funds between people in different parts of the world. It is fast and discrete, and many businesses are beginning to embrace this currency. Currently, many corporations accept various forms of cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. This currency is on its way to becoming the standard global currency.…

Loans That Can Help Propel Your Small Business

Business entities are considered small and medium-sized enterprises because they have limited resources. While the definition of SMEs may refer to the number of employees of the business entity, it also reflects the financial capacity of these businesses. Undoubtedly, the limited resources of SMEs, such as small starting capital, is one of the hindering factors for growth.

One of the most viable solutions to this problem that an SME can take is to apply for a loan from a bank and other lending institutions. The additional capital can then be used to purchase more commodities, hire more employees, and expand its office space.

There are many kinds of loans, and one of the following types may be the best option that your business can apply for so you can have the additional capital.


LPO Financing

This loan option can be the best way to have the needed capital when your business has been awarded a contract for particular jobs or commodities by virtue of local purchase order or LPO and local supply order or LSO. For your SME to take such a profitable opportunity, you must be ready with the required cash to be able to accept the contract. In this case, an LPO financing loan from a lending institution that acts on loans quickly may be the wisest thing to do.

Invoice Discounting

When your operations are being affected by your unpaid credits to some suppliers of your commodities and services, you can get to a lending institution and apply for invoice discounting. The lending institution will pay your unpaid invoices so you can get back to your normal operations again. This can be the best option for retail stores and others that sell commodities and services.

Import Financing

When you are engaged with the buy and sell of imported products, and you ran out of cash to pay some charges and taxes at the port, then an import financing loan can save you from the inconvenience. A bank will lend you money on time, so you will not be burdened with additional charges.

loan applicationBid Bonds

If you are a small-time contractor and you need some money for your bid bond, you can apply for a bid bond loan so you will be able to raise the required amount. For a small business, winning in a construction bidding contract is an opportunity for income, so you should opt for a bid bond loan than let this profitable chance pass you by.

Although secured loans can be used to finance various needs like hospitalization, education, and other purposes, you also utilize this type of loan to increase your capital. This type of loan can even be more helpful when you need more funds because it can allow more loanable amount because it requires collateral.…

Benefits of Doing Business Online

There are different types of online businesses that you can start to generate income. Entrepreneurs who want to start an online business are required to go through the same process as traditional businesses.  For instance, they must formulate a business plan and handle other administrative matters.

The use of the internet has made it easy to run and manage an online business. In addition to this, different forms of traditional businesses are using the internet to communicate with their suppliers, customers, and clients electronically.  In addition to this, there are many benefits that you can get by running an inline business. 

Requires Little Cost to Get Started


A lot of capital and time is required to start a traditional business. Entrepreneurs don’t have to wait for weeks or days to start an online marketing business.  You can even start it right now. For instance, you can start an affiliate marketing business by installing a free blog, choosing an affiliate link, and then start promoting your offers. Registering a domain that looks more professional is also cheap since it cost a few bucks. Your income will substantially increase once you learn how the system works.

Online Businesses Have Unlimited Income Potential

To start an online business might seem to be a trial and error, but one can make a lot of money after figuring out how the system works. One can easily identify what is earning more cash as opposed to what is costing money. Internet marketing makes it easy for one to attract customers from different parts of the globe. This means that you can easily earn a substantial, steady income from your online business.

An Online Business Can Easily Be Automated

e-commerce site

Automation is another benefit that you can get from online business. Automating your online business means that you spend a few working hours every day. However, you should start doing everything on your own at the beginning to learn how the entire system works. The process of generating website traffic for your business can also be outsourced. All that you need is to do is hiring experienced writers who can create quality content and manage your social media accounts. In general, you can save time by outsourcing those task that you don’t like doing on your own.

One Can Work Anywhere

Someone can run his/her online business from anywhere as long as he/she has a stable internet connection and a computer. This means that your business will not suffer a bit even when you are traveling.…

Take Control Of Your Business In Bristol

Business managing and hiring the best accounting company is the only way to separate an investor from a freestyle casual business owner. Starting a business means you want your brand to sell for years to come. Consumers all over the world should know the brand even if you are no more. Amateurs wish to be in a position of respect from other business owners but cannot take the risk. The only way to attain high cash flow and high profits in business is through the following steps.

Hire the Right People

hiring The right people should have a solid educational background and high skill level. The skill on the cv is not worth if the person cannot perform in the field. Assess the job seekers thoroughly to eliminate those that do not fit the career before hiring them. You do not want to hire the wrong people because you want cheap labor. You can get a reasonable job in other states with a good talent acquisition team. Fetch for the skills during your interviews. Make sure you engage in real life assessments help separate the chaff from maize.

Consult the Professionals

Professionals teach you the right information in business from scratch to prosperity. They offer you essential books and podcasts to guide you in your business career. You cannot lack anything that works in your favor so long as you follow the rules. Creating your rules may bend the graph since you are going against business rules. What you read is hard to forget even if you stay for an extended period without reading the piece. Another way you can learn is to attend business talks around the world. You can do that through physical appearance or tuning in to the channel and joining the live session.

Increase Your Risk Skills

The moments you start a business strive to be the best in your area. Focus on expanding your business and hiring more workers for more money in your accounts. If you understand the cash flow having more activities makes you an expert. Try to stabilize your brand as you expand your business. You need more profits to relax and let money work for you. Going to work every morning is hectic hiring a CEO reduces your engagement in work but increases productivity since he wants to maintain the highest position in your company.

Manage the Accounts

account management When your investment grows, and you have many companies to run, consider giving other people jobs. At this time, you cannot control all your accounts since you have high profits and can quickly lose money on fraud cases. Hiring an accounting company will not reduce your benefit but is helpful to your companies. Look for the right accounting company in Bristol to manage your taxes and calculate the total earnings. As the money increases handling all the cash by yourself increase the risk of losing capital.

Recruit More People

Here you can train other workers and put them in a waiting pool so that you have a backup whenever your workers want to quit. It will help you to maintain the quality of work for the clients. Be in charge of your business by taking all the risks you have to better the environment.


Tips for Identifying the Best Venture Capitalists for You

Before a venture capitalist wishes to become an entrepreneur of your company, you need to do the right thing first: find the right venture capitalist. Assuming that your startup is in the right position to seek venture capital, to identify the best venture capital company, you need to make up your mind about the following factors.


business growth curveThe truth is that venture capitalists have varying reputations that are based on expertise, past performance, and experience. The reputation and name of the venture capitalist often reflect on the young companies and can influence future financing rounds. You should be aware of the reputation of potential partners that are associated with the company.

Industry Sector

Nowadays, you can find venture capitalists that specialize in different industries. For instance, you can find a company that focuses on medical devices, information economy, and more. It is advisable to find venture capitalists that focus on your core areas of operation. In this way, you can increase your chance of getting funding.

Development Phase of Your Company

Some venture capital firms finance different development stages of young companies. Taking into account whether your venture is in the expansion phase, start-up, or seed, you ought to find the best investors. Also, the financing companies must be allowed to operate in your state.

Financing Volume

money investmentDifferent venture capitalists invest varying amounts of money. Thus, you need to determine the amount of money you are seeking and find a firm that is ready to pay the amount you want. In this way, you can be sure to have an adequate amount of money to run your business.


It is advisable to look for a venture capital firm that is geographically close to the company’s offices. The most important thing is to ensure that you can reach the company within a few hours. If the company cannot meet this requirement, then your chance of getting adequate funding decreases dramatically.

After selecting and identifying the right venture capital firm for your company, you need to approach venture capital firms properly. For instance, you have to give them a pitch that can change your life. It is advisable to take time and learn how to pitch and how to close deals. You can enroll in different online courses that can teach you how to pitch.…

Top Benefits of Using Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a common term, but most people do not have a clear idea of what it is. Bitcoin is a decentralized peer to peer, digital currency system. It is designed to give online users the ability to process transactions through digital units of exchange called Bitcoins. It is, in essence, a virtual currency. Bitcoin has gained huge attention as well as controversy as an alternative to euros, dollar, and commodity currency like gold.

As a new and growing virtual currency, it has some distinct merits over conventional currencies. Below are some benefits that you will get when using Bitcoin.

Flexible Online Payment

bitcoin on phone and moneyBitcoin is an online payment, and like any other online payment system, its users have the luxury of paying their coins from any corner of the word as long as there is an internet connection. This implies that you can be lying on the bed and purchasing coins instead of traveling to a specific store or bank to get the work done. Besides, online payments via Bitcoin do not need you to fill in details about your personal information. Bitcoin transactions are therefore much simpler than those carried out through credit cards or bank accounts.

No Taxation

When making payments via euros, dollars and other conventional currencies, you must pay an additional sum of money as tax. Every purchasable item has it designated tax rate. When purchasing with Bitcoin, sales taxes are not added you the purchase. This is deemed a legal form of tax evasion, and this is the main advantage of using Bitcoin. With zero tax rates, it can come in handy especially when buying luxury items which are exclusive to a foreign land. Such items usually are heavily taxed by the government.bitcoin and money

Concealed User Identity

All Bitcoin transactions are discrete, meaning Bitcoin gives you the option of user anonymity. Bitcoins are similar to cash only purchases as the transactions can never be traced back to you. These purchase are also never connected with your personal identity. The Bitcoin address created is usually not the same for two different transactions.

Minimal Transaction Fees

bitcoin business

Fees and exchange costs are part of international purchases and wire transfers. Bitcoin is not moderated or monitored by any government agency or intermediary institution. The cost of transacting is therefore kept very low unlike international transactions made through conventional currencies. Additionally, transactions in Bitcoin are not time-consuming as it does not involve the complication of typical authorization and waiting periods.

No Outside Interventions

One of the most significant merits of Bitcoin is that it eliminates third-party interruptions. This implies that banks, governments, and other financial intermediaries have no authority to disrupt user transactions or freeze accounts. Bitcoin is based strictly on a peer to peer system. Users, therefore, enjoy greater liberty when making purchases with Bitcoin than when using conventional currencies.

Digital currencies like Bitcoin are comparatively new and have not yet been put through significant tests. Thus most people feel there are risks involved in the usage of Bitcoin. Irrespective of potential disadvantages, Bitcoin has a lot of merits that make it a legitimate contender to challenge currencies in the future.…

Essential Steps to Get a Business Loan

Starting a business requires capital, and sometimes business owners may find it hard to raise the money. The good news is that financial institutions are offering business loans to business owners who are short of capital. However, there are some requirements that the lenders require of the business owners before they give them the business loan. Therefore, if you know what the lenders need, it will be easy for you to acquire the loan. Here is what to know to get funding for the business loan.

Determine How Much Money You Need

moneyBefore your loan is approved, lenders will ask you how much you need and what you need the credit for. It is therefore essential to have this information so that you can justify why you are taking the debt. Most of the time business owners request for business loans to start a business, to manage expenses, to build a credit history and to invest in new inventory. Depending on your needs, you can estimate the amount you need and estimate the monthly payments. Take a loan that you can repay with ease to avoid financial constraints.

Decide on The Best Type of Loan

It may be hard to get a business loan if you have a new business because most lenders need the business to have operated for a certain amount of time and minimum annual revenue. If you have no income and your business is not established yet, consider applying for a personal loan. A small business credit card can also work. Unlike a business loan, the credit card loans and personal loans are unsecured therefore they do not need collateral. They, therefore, charge a higher interest rate, and they do not build on the credit history. You should, therefore, put all this into consideration.

Check Your Credit Score

financesBefore applying for a loan, ensure that you have a high credit score because it will be easier to get your loan approved. You should, therefore, have your credit report ready with you.

Determine Your Collateral

The lenders often protect their interests by asking for collateral from their clients. You can secure the loan with assets like vehicles and land among others. If you have insufficient business assets, you can use your assets like your car and home. The bank will take the assets if you default in your payment so you should avoid using personal assets that you can’t afford to lose.…

Are People Running Away from Financial Institutions and Opting for Online Loans

Previously, those who wanted a loan for a home improvement, for when credit cards payments are up or even a car purchase were forced to dress up and head to the nearest bank. From here, you would have to negotiate with the bank and hope that your credit rating is favorable to get you a reasonable repayment borrowing rate. Today, this seems to have changed. People with bad credit are able to get payday loans.

The internet has provided a new platform for people to request for loans. It is not only convenient but much more comfortable to access whatever the time. Online personal loans have eased the process of getting loans. Simple peer- to- peer loan services has transformed how credits are issued when people borrow money.

There is a growing popularity of online loans, amounting to billions of dollars. The main attributes are the level of convenience and the manner in which the loans are structured. Most of these peer-to-peer loans take massive advantage of the funding boom, thus allowing most people to invest their money directly into others’ debt.

The borrowers will then post their desired loan amounts after which individual investors will fund a particular portion of the loan amount while collecting the interest accrued on these loans.

trying to get a loan

Why do people opt for personal loans?

Many would be inclined to assume that people would trust the physical banks more than an unseen online lending service. Surprisingly, this does not seem to be the case. Some of the reasons have been highlighted. For instance,

Level of convenience

One primary reason why people today are opting for this kind of loans is the convenience they provide. You can get instant cash from the comfort of your living room or bedroom. All that’s required is a quick fill-in of your online form and wait for its approval. All dealings with the lender take place online.

Lower rates

The online lenders do not have to worry about the problem of physical renting spaces so they can manage to operate on lower fees and rates to their browsers. Most of their interest rates are fixed, so clients do not worry much about fluctuation rates throughout the life of their loan. The online loans are unsecured, meaning they do not require one to put up collateral to receive approval. In as much as this is convenient, it can result in higher interest rates as they pose more risk to the lenders.

Easy access

Most banks extremely vet the people who get loan approvals. On the other hand, the peer-to-peer online lending can go on even if roughly 70 percent of it is funded by an individual investor. The investors can bid on part or the entire amount of the loan. This means if you do not get approval for the whole loan, you can still get approval for part of it.

great loans

Who provides the best online loans?

Despite not being the most popular, you can count on one hour loan for lending. To gauge the market respect for a lending service, just check out its reviews among different sources from the online community. That should be enough.…

How to Turn a Financial Crisis into a Great Opportunity

A large percentage of people do not have adequate money to make ends meet. In fact, they are left with less to invest in their future. When you take this into account plus recent job losses, you will have a recipe for a serious financial crisis. To get an opportunity amidst your financial woes, you will have to think about your situation in a unique way. EMMA can help you get out of debt. The following are keys to help you see the financial crisis from another perspective:

Accept personal responsibility

personal responsibility finance 5r2aNo matter the cause of the crisis, you need to accept the responsibility for it. As they say, you cannot change what you do not accept. Although external situations can cause extra hardships, you can take control of the fact that you have a solution in your hands. A person who is personally responsible does not feel cheated, defeated, or scammed. This is because they take each situation as the learning opportunity. You should become solution oriented and avoid spending time thinking about things which cannot change your circumstances.

Do not rely on others

After deciding that you should not rely on other people to improve your financial well-being, you will not accept less than what you deserve. When you keep on waiting, you forsake the opportunity to earn more.

Know that there is no secret formula

A secret formula is simply lottery mentality. A lot of people keep on waiting for a single opportunity that will make them financially independent. The best moment of growth is when you realize that you can be successful just like others. You do not need to be privileged to get money. Most successful people are those that are willing and ready to do some things which others are not ready to do. You should note that financial independence comes at a cost. You need to pay for everything. Ensure you have the discipline to delay your instant gratification to make sacrifices with your effort and time until you attain the formula 6t5

Grow financially

Most people get to their destinations by sleeping on the wheel, not by intention but accident. Your mindset about money influences each financial decision you make. Thus, you should use the crisis as an opportunity to understand how your thinking differs from those who are successful.

It is a good idea to invest in yourself. This is necessary if you want to break the past. It does pay to invest in yourself. For instance, you should start a business. Always start small, and you will achieve success over time.…

A Guide to Merchant Cash Advance

When your business is struggling with finances, and you are finding it difficult to operate, the only thing that you can think of is to borrow money. Maybe, you want to expand your operations, but there is no budget. It can be a very frustrating situation because it means that you will have to wait for longer. When you decide to borrow, the conventional lenders will subject you to a lot of scrutinies. Some of them will turn you away outright. If you have experienced such, it is time to be happy because you can now apply for a merchant cash advance. This is an online loan that is given to business without having to go through too much screening. It also has a lot of advantages. Here are the features of the best merchant cash advance loan.


The Online Application Process

A good merchant cash advance company will give you a fast online application process. They should see to it that you do not have to face too many obstacles when applying. When the application is easy, chances of making mistakes that result in your loan application being rejected will be minimal. Just look at some of the leading companies in this category, and you will see that they have the most straightforward application process that you will ever come across.

Suitability to Your Business

This is a loan that is meant to help in the operations of your business. Therefore, you should be looking at its features to see if it really suits your business. The moment you start doing this, you will notice that different companies have different types of cash advances for merchants and therefore, they will have different effects on your business. This is the point where you look at the things that directly relate to your business. A good company is one that agrees to tailor the loan products so that they conform to the unique needs of your business.

The Repayment Process

Repaying a loan is one of the things that cause disputes. People have had to shut down their investments because they could not anticipate the prepayment process. If you borrow from a company just because they have agreed to give you the money and forget to think what will happen during repayment, there will be problems. Find out what the company says about businesses that get into financial difficulties during the repayment period. A reliable company is one that agrees to adjust your payments based on the transactions that appear on your credit card.


While many lenders will ask for your credit score, the best ones are those that will allow you to apply for a loan without asking for your credit. As long as you can prove that you have a business and it has been running for some time, you will be good to go.…

Reasons Why You Need to Use a Social Media Management Tool

Social media is a very important in marketing and offering customer services for any business. In fact, several business strategies have had to change in order to accommodate the use of social media as a marketing tool. Sometimes managing your social media page, can be hectic because it is time-consuming.Fortunately, there are tools that can help you to manage your social media page, whether it is personal or it is for your business.

Though you might recognize the need for a social media management tool, do you know what you should be looking for? For example, what’s the point of having one and how can it assist you in creating a competitive advantage? Here are reasons why you need to use a social media management tool for your business.

Creating Social Engagement

It is through social media that your customers will reach out to your business. It is through social media that your customers can give you feedback about your services. By having a social media management tool, you will be able to respond to your customer’s questions. This will show them that you care about them. You will thus find yourself with loyal customers.

Managing Multiple Pages

Sometimes for your business to realize its potential, you will have to rely on several social profiles. Managing these profiles manually can be so difficult. By using social media tools, you will be able to aggregate all the messages sent to your different profile into one spot. You won’t have to constantly juggle accounts. You will thus save a lot of time and effort.

Manages Customer Relationships

Every customer usually wants to be treated in a unique way. Social media tools will let you track every conversation that you have with your customers. This will enable you to personalize every experience. Your customers will thus feel special.

Streamlining Team Collaboration

If you have a large social media account with a lot of customers, you will need a team to help you out. However, things can get a bit confusing for your team as messages can slip through the loopholes. Your team can also find themselves answering the same questions. Management tools will allow you to have a shared inbox that you can work with.

Monitors Relevant Keywords

Customers will complain or praise your business through your social media pages. Since you would want to respond to all your customer’s complaints, you need a tool that will monitor relevant keywords in every sentence. Social media management tools will do that for you. This will help you to respond to crucial queries from your customers.…

How you can get a loan with bad credit

We have all experienced financial strains at one point in life. There are instances where you need money but lack the required amount to serve the purpose you want. You may need money to start up your business. One may have a perfect business plan but lack the right capital to implement it. You may also experience emergencies that require money. One may fall ill abruptly or may need cash to pay bills. Getting that cash may not be easy because you may struggle to find someone to lend you. You need not to worry because there are institutions that can lend you money. There are banks and online lenders that give cash under specific terms of agreement.

One is required to pay back with a specific amount of interest failure to which you will be penalized. Qualifying for002 another one can be hard although there are instances you can get bad credit loans. Bad credit refers to your poor loan repayment records. Your borrowing and repayment history is collected by companies referred to as credit bureaus which will give you a score depending on how you pay back loans. They can also blacklist you which will make you ineligible to borrow or get money from some lenders. You should make a follow up on your finances to know your credit ratings. There are alternatives you can consider if you are denied loan because of poor credit history. They include.


Borrowing those close to you

Those who are close to you can be your rescue boat in situations where you cannot borrow. Your family and friends can be your best source of money. A family loan can be of benefit to everyone involved.  You need to treat it as a serious loan by sticking to the terms you agree on its repayment.


Online personal loans

003You can try several online avenues and see if you will qualify for one. The evolution of technology has seen the emergence of online lending institutions. They do work fast, and most of them do not link up with the credit bureau to check your eligibility. All you need to do is fill their loan applications. The key things they consider is your employment status and level of education.


Use a Co-signer

At times you may find people who are not willing to give you money including those close to you. One can get a person with proper credit to co-sign a loan with them. Get someone who understands your situation. Failing to repay your loan, means a specific institution will go for whoever co-signed with you.…

Factors to consider when choosing a source of finance

Deciding on where you will get funding for your business can be an arduous task that takes a lot of time. This is because there aren’t so many sources of finance available. Each source has different criteria and implication on your business. It is imperative first to take a look at the benefits as well as the costs to help you decide which source of funding is suitable for you and your business. Below are the factors to consider when choosing a source of finance.

The risk

I put this as the first point because I feel it is the most important factor that you should consider whenever you choose a source of funding. Try and imagine what would happen if you are unable to pay back this money. If you take a loan from a bank, look at the implications that they have should you become incapable of paying the loan or if the business fails. If you are thinking of borrowing from family or friends, take a look at what will happen to your relationship if it gets to a point where you can’t pay back.

The costs

The cost of finance is a huge factor to consider when determining the source of finance. This is because you want to minimize your costs as you maximize on wealth. Will your cost of equity increase if you increase your borrowing? If shareholders see the borrowing as something that is steering you towards bankruptcy, then they may want something more to compensate the risk. Understand also that there are so many costs involved in borrowing such as the fee for the broker or interest rates. Consider all this before you arrive at a decision.

Amount needed

An important factor to consider is the amount required by the business. Some sources are not good for a large amount of money. Bank overdrafts, for example, have set limits to the amount of money that you can withdraw. Some sources also are not suitable if the amount of money you are raising is small.

The purpose

What kind of project is this money going into? This is one of the most important things to consider. A capital expenditure will require a long-term source of finding. A revenue expenditure, on the other hand, will require short-term sources. An example of a capital expenditure is building a factory. Payment people on the supply chain is a revenue expenditure.


Factors to consider when pricing your products

Various pricing strategies are incorporated in determining the price of a product. Choosing a suitable pricing strategy can be quite tasking because there is a lot that is involved in ensuring that that is the perfect price. There are four important considerations you should look at to help you rice your products.

The costs

In any good business, the costs should be covered by the revenue that will be generated. You want to make sure that this revenue is enough. You need to ask yourself how much costs you have incurred in manufacturing your product all the way to when it is consumed. Find out the exact costs. Factor in all aspects. Look at the labor, the cost of the raw material, how much was used in assembling the product? When you can tell the costs involved in a single product, then you are at a place where you know the kind of revenue that you will have to generate if you want to cover these costs comfortably.

The customers

You need to understand your customer’s financial abilities as well as their traits and their preferences. The kind of lifestyle that your customers live is an excellent pointer. It should help you decide the kind of pricing technique that you will use in pricing your products. If you have a product that does not have any close substitutes and is an absolute necessity, then a higher price will not make much of a difference because your products will still be bought.


This is one of the biggest pointers in determining the strategy that you will use to price your products. Find out if you have competitors who are offering close substitutes. Take a look at the quality of their products and their prices as well. You might set your prices high or low. Whichever the case, you still want to make sure the price says something about the quality of your products.

Economics of units

An important factor to consider is that the price that you set has to enable the business to make some profit. If you are not making profits, then it doesn’t matter how happy every department is. You might decide on a lower price which generally will increase your sales. The demand for your products will significantly rise but even in all this, if the set price is not putting your business in a position to make a profit then its all in vain.…

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Even Non-Profits Are Not Profiting

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Gary Duchane, former editor, reports that the St. Petersburg Times, his current employer, has stopped contributing to employees’ 401k plans. It’s a cost-saving measure.

The outfit is also trying to sell Congressional Quarterly to raise money and reduce debt, Gary says.

I sure hope Fox News doesn’t buy it.

The Courant As Metaphor

0 | February 6th, 2009 | Posted in News
The Hartford Courant becomes the metaphor for all struggling papers in single-paper cities in this NPR piece. Cliff ducks the press. Dick Blumenthal sticks up for the paper. Paz waxes sentimental. (Check out the audio.)

Part 1. Part 2. (about non-profit journalism)

Katie And The Credit Default Swap

0 | February 6th, 2009 | Posted in Members
Katie Melone has landed a new, if temporary job in the Big Apple.

Here’s what she has to report:


I’ve landed, but not permanently. It’s a contract position. I’m working on a new show at WNET (PBS in NYC) called “It’s the Economy, NY!” — a 7-part weekly series on how the financial crisis is affecting the New York area. So I have a job only as long as the show exists, and it’s slated to stop production at the end of February. But, there’s word it will get extended, which would be nice. (The show was recently mentioned in a story on WNET in the NY Times, so I was psyched!)

It’s been interesting so far, and I’ve learned a lot about the financial services world — I now know what a credit default swap is and I never would’ve probably wanted to try to wrap my mind around something like that in my past life.

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