Karen O’Brien services set

Karen O’Brien’s wake will be Monday, Oct. 12 from 4 to 8 p.m. at Athy Memorial Home, 111 Lancaster St., Worcester, Mass.

The funeral will be Tuesday, Oct. 13 at 11 a.m. at St. John’s Catholic Church, 44 Temple St., Worcester, Mass.

For those who want to send a card, Karen’s husband is Jim O’Brien and their sons are Patrick & Justin.

31 Aylesbury Road
Worcester, MA 01609

Jim has expressed gratitude for all the cards people have sent to Karen. It helps her family to know how much she was admired, respected and loved.


Buyouts… again

The staff reduction announced by Tribune Publishing once again brings offers of “voluntary separation” to my friends at the Courant.

Speaking as one who’s been there, taking a buyout is a life-changing experience — in my case for the better.

Apparently the company is offering as much as a year’s pay to some of the long-time journalists, something that can be a pretty good help when stepping off into the unknown. And unknown it is, judging from the experiences of those who have already gone there.

Very few of the original Refugees have gone back to traditional journalism jobs. They have become librarians, cooks, pr flaks, magazine editors, teachers, authors… and a lot of Facebook posters. And even under the best of circumstances, it takes a while to re-establish a sense of balance and direction.

I wish all the Courant newsroom well as its remaining members measure the depth of the water around their ankles and try to judge the future of their foundering ship.


Karen O’Brien in hospice care


This from Susan Schoenberger and Theresa Sullivan Barger:

We are sad to share this news: Our best friend, former copy editor and reporter Karen O’Brien, was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer in April, and after undergoing aggressive treatment, has recently switched to Hospice care. She is staying in a rehabilitation facility in Worcester, Mass. near her home.

Cards may be sent to Karen at:

Karen O’Brien
31 Aylesbury Road
Worcester, MA 01609

This from the Alumni Association: Karen was much beloved in the Courant newsroom while she worked there, known equally for her easy manner and her professional competence. We hope she and her family members live out her days in relative comfort.


Teutsch scholarship goes to two students

Gene Mazur, who serves as vice president of the Manchester Community College Foundation, reports that this semester’s Cliff Teutsch Journalism Scholarships were awarded to Kenneth Varghese and Thomas Manoj on May 26.

This was the fund set up in honor of Cliff’s life and his enormous influence he had at The Hartford Courant and journalism throughout the state. It would be nice if these two deserving young men become even half the journalist Cliff was.

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