Not Our Paula!

Former Courant photojournalist Paula Bronstein was arrested in Hong Kong few days ago while covering the Occupy movement there.

Authorities accused her of standing on a car in the midst of a violent scuffle between protesters and police. She was covering the event for Getty Images.

She’s apparently out on bail now.


In Memory Of A ‘Regular Guy’

It couldn’t have been more fitting that following his death, the celebration of Cliff Teutsch’s life would be the biggest gathering of Courant and ex-Courant people since Tribune went bankrupt in 2007.

The upstairs meeting rooms at the Lyceum in Hartford were packed with dozens of writers, photographers, editors, administration folks, friends — all of whom had worked alongside Cliff and thought the world of him.

Cliff’s wife, Patrice Nelson, greeted her guests and said a few words about her late husband as she stood below of photo of him projected on a screen behind her. It was of Cliff on vacation, smiling, in shorts and boat shoes, a knit shirt, standing near a statute of Babe Ruth. Just a regular guy, she said. That’s how he thought of himself.

He was that, of course, but also more. The people there Friday night would tell you how  great was his talent and energy as a reporter, his composure and insight as an editor, and his warmth and compassion as a leader.

In an way, the Cliff Teutsch Memorial Party  (What else can you call a gathering with a big spread of hors d’oeuvres, wine, and shots of Jack Daniels, Cliff’s favorite drink?) was a wonderful reminder of how strong the bonds are that form in a newsroom through the years. It was the best testament to this regular guy who helped create and foster such a feeling of connection among the people he led.


Clifford Teutsch Journalism Scholarship Established

Clifford Teutsch brought many fine qualities to his role as editor of The Hartford Courant, but none were greater than the integrity, humanity and humility he demonstrated as a journalist, news executive, and mentor.

In honor of the many ways he touched and inspired his fellow journalists and coworkers, a journalism scholarship is being established in his name at Manchester Community College.

On the Courant’s behalf, Publisher Nancy Meyer and Editor Andrew Julien are generously contributing $5,000 to the fund in Cliff’s memory.

Those wishing to make a memorial contribution of their own may do so at this address:

Cliff Teutsch Journalism Scholarship Fund
c/o Manchester Community College Foundation
Great Path, M.S. #6
P.O. Box 1046
Manchester, CT 06045-1046


Theresa On Fire, Figuratively Speaking

Loretta Waldman sends this:

Thought current and former Courant folks might enjoy this news. Theresa Sullivan Barger has a story in this month’s issue of Family Circle – a first person account of her son’s Type I diabetes diagnosis. It comes on the heels of another story she had in the New York Times in July. Girlfriend is on fire.

TheresaB_FC story 11.14

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