On C-SPAN, Kreig Connects JFK Killing To Current Issues

C-SPAN’s American History TV last month cablecast a lecture by former Courant reporter Andrew Kreig (1970-84) about the continuing importance of the Warren Commission’s 1964 report about President Kennedy’s murder.

Andy writes:

C-SPAN’s broadcast of my talk “Current Implications of the JFK Assassination Cover-Up” begins at the 15:40-minute mark of the video here: http://www.c-span.org/video/?321703-1/50th-anniversary-warren-report. The talk on Sept. 26 opened a three-day conference on recent revelations about the 1964 Warren report.

Also this fall, I augmented the Justice Integrity Project’s 22-part Readers Guide to the major recent books, videos, events and analysis about the assassination.   Read More »


Off Again, On Again

Okay, then, take some time off.


Gagging On A Gala

It was inevitable that there would be some hard feelings when the Courant threw a $250-a-head gala celebrating 250 years of publication.

I looked at all 164 photos of the event (some were ads, of course) and was impressed by how few of the participants I recognized. Most of the former editors and publishers were there, of course, all smiling and hugging and posing for photos. There were some other long-timers: Otto and Englehart, for example.

But not a lot of the rank and file, at least as far as I could tell.

This is understandable, I suppose, because there are not a lot of employees left; and of those who have left, many have been struggling to pull their careers and family incomes back to former levels since being laid off. They certainly must have some mixed feelings about celebrating the company that failed them so terribly.. … and seeing such a lavish production when they were having to cut their expenses.

There was a Facebook string that started as a perhaps snide observation that the invitations for most of us former employees — people who delivered decades of first-class professional journalism — were apparently lost in the mail. (This is just a guess, but Brian Toolan, Marty Petty, Mike Waller, Jack Davis and others did not learn of the event from a public advertisement.) The string got a little heated when one unappreciative current employee became irritated at the use of her Facebook photo of the event to convey, shall we say, another person’s dissatisfaction.

It prompted advice to lighten up from another former (and highly competent) employee: “If you’re celebrating the paper, you’re celebrating the people.”

I have a list of 267 on this site.

So let me say here, even if it was left out of the official speeches, that the great service to Connecticut provided by The Hartford Courant is directly attributable to the hundreds of journalists, printers, photographers, administrators, managers, ad sales people and others — the vast majority of the company’s people — who were not able to attend Friday’s event.

You don’t need a tux, all-male choir or newspaper corsage to celebrate that.


Not Our Paula!

Former Courant photojournalist Paula Bronstein was arrested in Hong Kong few days ago while covering the Occupy movement there.

Authorities accused her of standing on a car in the midst of a violent scuffle between protesters and police. She was covering the event for Getty Images.

She’s apparently out on bail now.

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