R.I.P. Ron

Word is spreading that Ron Georgeff died this morning. (Feb. 7)

UPDATE: Here is Ron’s obit.

He was a fine and humble man, a dedicated journalist and the picture of quiet courage.

A public memorial will be held Friday.


Georgeff Update

Ron Geogeff is struggling after his recent surgery. Here’s some of what his ex-wife Ann reports:
I visited Ron yesterday at Hartford Hospital.  Ron appears to be really out of it, on loads of IV-delivered pain meds and fluids.  He’s in a LOT of pain as soon as his meds start to wear off.  It seems that the medical staff there pays a lot of attention to his needs, and there are a LOT of different people involved in his care. When he is given a new dose of meds, it puts him to sleep.  At least, then, he looks pain free.
Ron cannot speak even whisper, much less talk, & he cannot hold a pencil or marker.  Our daughter Lucy drives up and down from Vermont.  She’s a really good lip-reader.  Alas, I am not a good lip-reader.  Our son is also in town from Vermont, staying at Ron’s, working long hours and long-distance via computer with his company.  Ron’s sister is flying in from out of state this evening.
Yesterday, Lucy showed Ron the emails that Hartford Hospital printed out for him, but it’s unclear how much he was able to absorb that information.  At any rate, the family really appreciates those kindnesses of his former colleagues.  It’s great that Hartford Hospital provides a link for people to email its patients.
There was some talk among staff last night that Ron might be moved from yesterday’s room to another room, so best for people to check with Hartford Hospital to learn his current location.
~ Ann

Georgeff Undergoing Surgery

Our buddy and longtime Courant journalist Ron Georgeff is undergoing a challenging transition.

Former copy editor Mike Prager, aka, Marbs, has been in touch with Ron’s ex-wife, Ann Corcoran, and she shared that Ron entered Hartford Hospital Thursday and is to have a tracheotomy Saturday that will deliver oxygen to his lungs — without his having to do the breathing.

Ron has had difficulty breathing for a long time, and carried an oxygen bottle wherever he went. But the most significant part of this change is that there is a chance it will require a move to a full-time care facility. No return to his apartment for independent living. Ron spoke to Larry Williams and said will be in the hospital a week, then go to the Hospital for Special Care in New Britain for rehab, and from there possibly to Avery Heights for more rehab. Whether he stays there or goes home will depend on his progress.

Larry also said this: “Deena and I saw ‘The Theory of Everything’ today. Hawking has a tracheotomy and can’t talk after that; it was known beforehand, and not the result of some error. So I asked Ron if he would be able to talk, and he said yes. Thank God.”

Ann reports that Ron is very upbeat. His surgery is 7:45 a.m. on Saturday, she said:

“Some time ago, Ron told me he’d like to go to Avery Heights when he needed more care, so I told our daughter that, and both of us have left evening messages for Avery Heights to call us back. So Ron’s pleased that Avery Heights is sort of in the works.”

“He couldn’t think of anything he’d need, but he would like a book to read. He likes the hospital food. I told him that when I was in a nursing home (after my own surgery), that I loved the food because I love any food that somebody else makes.”

I’m sure all Courant alumni and his friends still at the paper wish him the best in coping with this new challenge.

Ron’s phone is (860) 545 – 4455.


Connecticut Grown

Strike a blow for Courant independence!

Word leaks out that the Courant will be editing more of its copy again instead of shipping it off to Chicago.
That may make the new consolidated downstairs newsroom a little more cozy; and is certainly a step, if even a small one, away from Big Brother.

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