What Is A Newspaper Worth?

The big business types continue to crunch the numbers for the upcoming Tribune Publishing spinoff. They value the whole newspaper operation at about $635 million. That’s divided among eight newspapers, two of which are huge.  No telling what part of that is The Courant, but it’s likely in the double-digit millions.

This article lays it all out for those who speak business finance and analysis.

Here’s the part of the piece that ought to be concerning to my friends on the payroll:

The report projects operating expenses to cut by $65 million this year, in part through “reduced compensation costs.” Tribune Publishing has reduced annual operating costs by $250 million since 2011, offsetting revenue declines, according to the report.

For me, the question of a paper’s value is more philosophical and harder to quantify.


Debt Schmedt!

Not only can the new Tribune Publishing handle $350 million in debt, it could handle more! Like $450 million, the soon-to-be parent company says.

And just to bring some perspective: Sam Zell told Tribune’s employees that they owned the company and he was going to make all of them rich.


Laura Unger Going National

Laura Unger, who covered education for the Courant back when students used pencils and pens, has a new position with Gannett.

Here’s her announcement:

I’m happy to announce my new position within Gannett covering national and regional health and medical stories, reporting to editors at USA Today while based in Louisville at The Courier-Journal. As the first national/regional health enterprise reporter, my stories will appear in USA Today as well as Gannett papers throughout the region, including the C-J. The best part about it is having a larger stage for important stories on a crucial topic that affects every person, and a chance to make a bigger impact and inspire bigger change. I’m excited, and know very well how blessed I am to have this opportunity! Thanks to all who have taught me, inspired me and helped shape my career. It’s been an adventure and a great way to spend a quarter-century.


A Rumor To Consider

A rumor, but what the heck, it’s a talker: Rupert Murdoch wants Tribune’s newspapers.

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