Marc-Yves Regis To Speak At ECSU

Marc Yves Regis, prominent Haitian photojournalist, author,  poet,  and former Courant photographer, will speak at Eastern Connecticut State University on Sept. 10 from 3-4 p.m. in the Paul E. Johnson Sr. Community Conference Room of Eastern’s J. Eugene Smith Library.

Regis’s presentation is part of Eastern’s popular University Hour Series.

“Through his photographs and poetry, Marc-Yves Regis will bring the island nation of Haiti, our guest’s native land, to Eastern,” said Carol Reichardt, associate librarian and organizer of the event. “After his presentation, Regis will also participate in a book signing of his latest book. Also, an installation of some of his poster-sized photographs will be available to view on the second floor in the library.”

Regis is the author of five books: “Haiti Through My Eyes,” a selection of poetry about Haiti; “Deadly Road to Democracy,” a first-person account of Haiti’s violent struggle for democracy; “Two Good Feet,” a photographic documentary of physically-challenged Haitian children; “Haiti After the Shock,” a selection of poems and stories about the earthquake in Haiti; and his latest book, “Headstrong Children, Carrying Haiti’s Economic Burden’s,” published by West Hartford-based Downhome Publishing.

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John Beegan Passes

Some of you may remember John Beegan, the white-haired curmudgeon who worked in the library for a while (I think), and then on what was then known as the Agate Desk — a group of folks who handled things like real estate listings, lunch menus, bus schedules and similar stuff that the Internet and the quest for profits have driven out of the print business.

Anyway, John died July 22 at his home in West Hartford. He retired from the Courant in 1995.

Online expressions of sympathy may be made at


Morons Have Impact

Publish a blog and people think you know something.

Here’s another look at the spin-off of Tribune Publishing from its former parent.

And another.


Out Of The Darkness And Into….

Tribune Publishing starts trading tomorrow and the new ship of state, leaving the ugly legacy of Sam Zell behind,  sets sail for who knows what with  The Hartford Courant aboard.

Clearly the new company’s big push will be on digital content, and it will be interesting to see how long it takes for the bean counters to put up the pay wall on

The impact of that could, by the way, be catastrophic in the short term; but hopefully not so much that the organization has to gut the newsroom again to make ends meet. That’s the kind of downward spiral the industry has been experiencing in this era of overall decline, and its continuation is not good for anyone.

There are pay walls and then there are sort of pay walls.

The Boston Globe allows readers ten free stories a month. Other news operations allow readers to only see the tops of their stories. But it is going to be hard to break the public of the expectation that news content online is free. Do I really want to know about the squabble in city hall if it’s going to cost me $3.95 a month. That goes double in a time when many people don’t even have a clear idea of what news is, only spend about two minutes on it when they do, and can amuse themselves just fine by clicking on “7 foods that make you smarter.”

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