Retiree to Tribune: Bah, humbug!

In March of this year, as a retiree, I received a letter from Tribune Publishing saying that Tribune Publishing would discontinue the current group term life insurance program for retirees effective 12/27/15.

The “other shoe dropped” today when I received a mailing from CIGNA (Life Insurance Company of North America) on how to continue my coverage – if I wished – at my own expense.

I never went beyond the basic $3000 coverage that The Courant  provided all those many years ago and, at first, I didn’t even recognize CIGNA as an insurance with which I was associated, until I figured out that it was the life insurance.

It will be a very happy day when the Tribune has no further need or reason to communicate with me. (Meaning that Tribune has exhausted the benefits that it can discontinue or deny).

In the spirit of the season, bah humbug!

Joyous holidays to you, your loved ones and my Courant family.

-Deb Leekoff
Former copy editor


Feeling put out? Here’s possible work

Kate Farrish sends this possible job for the recent class of refugees and other alums:

Jewish Federation VP of Marketing and Communications


Buyouts… again

The staff reduction announced by Tribune Publishing once again brings offers of “voluntary separation” to my friends at the Courant.

Speaking as one who’s been there, taking a buyout is a life-changing experience — in my case for the better.

Apparently the company is offering as much as a year’s pay to some of the long-time journalists, something that can be a pretty good help when stepping off into the unknown. And unknown it is, judging from the experiences of those who have already gone there.

Very few of the original Refugees have gone back to traditional journalism jobs. They have become librarians, cooks, pr flaks, magazine editors, teachers, authors… and a lot of Facebook posters. And even under the best of circumstances, it takes a while to re-establish a sense of balance and direction.

I wish all the Courant newsroom well as its remaining members measure the depth of the water around their ankles and try to judge the future of their foundering ship.


Karen O’Brien services set

Karen O’Brien’s wake will be Monday, Oct. 12 from 4 to 8 p.m. at Athy Memorial Home, 111 Lancaster St., Worcester, Mass.

The funeral will be Tuesday, Oct. 13 at 11 a.m. at St. John’s Catholic Church, 44 Temple St., Worcester, Mass.

For those who want to send a card, Karen’s husband is Jim O’Brien and their sons are Patrick & Justin.

31 Aylesbury Road
Worcester, MA 01609

Jim has expressed gratitude for all the cards people have sent to Karen. It helps her family to know how much she was admired, respected and loved.

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