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Studio Mate Wanted

This from Shana Sureck: I’m looking for someone to share my studio at 56 Arbor Street starting October 1.  It’s small, but sunny and the price is right: $150 a month plus $30 for half the phone/internet).  It would be perfect for a writer. I’m only there occasionally, so you’d have peace and quiet most [...]


Hair Of The Newspaper Dog

Remember that historic day when Sam Zell cursed at photographer Sara Fajardo at the Orlando Sentinel? Do you remember what the subject of conversation was before we were distracted by Zell’s coarse behavior? Puppies. You may recall that Fajardo was arguing something along the lines of newspapers needing to give readers information about their world… that [...]


Hat Tip to Paul

Here’s yet another attaboy to Paul Stern for his wonderful work on this page, giving us such an opportunity so keep up together, to watch one another’s progress and to stay abreast of trends and developments of such interest to this wondrously ragtag outfit of folks independent of the Courant these days. Without Paul’s efforts [...]


Metromixed Up?

I don’t know what to make of this, except that it appears to be part of the ever-shifting sand pile of Tribune enterprises. Metromix Connecticut appears to be a going concern, but who know what schemes and plans are in the works?

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