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Conventions Are Just Conventions Now

Here’s a question for journalists: Why cover the political conventions when the outcome is already known? Newspaper Death Watch explores the issue, while also noting that papers in New York and Pennsylvania are moving to publication only three times a week.


Two Good Things

It was nice to see that The Courant is a local sponsor of the Olympics, even though they are being broadcast on a competing network. Additionally, it is nice to see that their ad promoting the newspaper actually emphasizes content as opposed to the value of its coupons or its price compared to a cup [...]


Newsroom Minus Nine

I just read a Columbia Journalism review piece by Courant alum Kira Goldenberg that names eight of the nine journalists who have decided to take the buyouts offered by Tribune. Kira shares the sentiment felt by most of us newsroom vets who wince at the way the place has been slowly disassembled. Goldenberg reports that [...]


A More Terrible Week Than Most

Given the weak economy and relative scarcity of decent journalism jobs, this has got to be a terrible week for Courant journalists who were offered buy-out packages. They reportedly have until Friday to decide whether to take the deal or potentially watch the room suffer more layoffs at the hands of a cold-hearted  corporation that [...]

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