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J. Greg Robertson help energize the newsroom

J. Greg Robertson was before my time at The Courant, but Joe Nunes remembers him as being “among the unforgettable characters — passionate about life, many times to the extreme — who made the Courant newsroom so energizing.” Former editor David Barrett remembers Greg as “a troubled soul.” Here is his obituary .


Check in on Tim Dumont

This from Rene Jalbert, former Courant graphic artist: Tim Dumont is on the last leg of this earthly journey. He has pancreatic cancer and will not be pursuing chemo or radiation. They have given him a few months. He is in a rehab nursing facility now. I would like it if you could put a [...]


John Lacy passes at 84

This from Colin McEnroe, who expresses sentiments that many Courant alum are sharing right now… For many years, I shared time and space at the Hartford Courant with an especially sweet, gentle, funny man named John Lacy. He had a column which some of you, as readers, may remember. I’m sad to report that he [...]


DeSilva both proud and guilty after Spotlight

Bruce DeSilva, like most career journalists, was inspired by the movie Spotlight, which in his case hit close to home. Too close, as he explains in this blog entry.

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