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Off Again, On Again

Okay, then, take some time off.


Gagging On A Gala

It was inevitable that there would be some hard feelings when the Courant threw a $250-a-head gala celebrating 250 years of publication. I looked at all 164 photos of the event (some were ads, of course) and was impressed by how few of the participants I recognized. Most of the former editors and publishers were [...]


Not Our Paula!

Former Courant photojournalist Paula Bronstein was arrested in Hong Kong few days ago while covering the Occupy movement there. Authorities accused her of standing on a car in the midst of a violent scuffle between protesters and police. She was covering the event for Getty Images. She’s apparently out on bail now.


In Memory Of A ‘Regular Guy’

It couldn’t have been more fitting that following his death, the celebration of Cliff Teutsch’s life would be the biggest gathering of Courant and ex-Courant people since Tribune went bankrupt in 2007. The upstairs meeting rooms at the Lyceum in Hartford were packed with dozens of writers, photographers, editors, administration folks, friends — all of [...]

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