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New Courant Site Launches, And The Verdict Is…

The Courant has launched it’s new website, and like all changes in publication styles, it will take a little getting used to. I’m sure advertisers will like it, since it slams home page readers with a larger-than-life opening ad immediately. Time will tell how readers will take to the vertical navigation on the left. It [...]


Three Alums Teaching Writing At Mark Twain House

This October, three former Courant writers and editors will teach six-week writing courses at The Mark Twain House & Museum. Susan Schoenberger, award-winning author of the novels, “A Watershed Year” and “The Virtues of Oxygen,” will again teach fiction writing. Susan Campbell, award-winning author of the memoir, “Dating Jesus” and the biography, “Tempest-Tossed: The Spirit of [...]


Together Apart Under Different Same Managers



Layout/Copy Editor Opening In Manchester

The JI is looking for a full time layout and copy editor. Here’s the ad.

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