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Englehart To Launch New Book

Another new publication from a Courant veteran. And food!


Schoenberger’s Book Launch Tonight

Where better for an author to hold a book launching than at the Mark Twain House and Museum. Would that Susan Schoenberger’s second novel – The Virtues of Oxygen — be half as popular as Twain’s work. Anyway, Susan’s shindig is tonight at 6:30 p.m. Here’s a link to the registration page for anyone who [...]


What Is A Newspaper Worth?

The big business types continue to crunch the numbers for the upcoming Tribune Publishing spinoff. They value the whole newspaper operation at about $635 million. That’s divided among eight newspapers, two of which are huge.  No telling what part of that is The Courant, but it’s likely in the double-digit millions. This article lays it [...]


Debt Schmedt!

Not only can the new Tribune Publishing handle $350 million in debt, it could handle more! Like $450 million, the soon-to-be parent company says. And just to bring some perspective: Sam Zell told Tribune’s employees that they owned the company and he was going to make all of them rich.

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