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Courchesne Revving Up

Shawn Courchesne, the Courant’s expert on all things NASCAR, is taking the entrepreneurial route as he leaves the company. Here’s what he writes in this farewell piece: In the not too distant future, hopefully within a month or so, I will be launching a new website devoted to motorsports that will have a focus on [...]


Bill Ryan Has Died

I am sorry to report that Bill Ryan, former Courant columnist, master reporter and a natural-born story-teller, has died. Here’s his obituary.


Cohen Departs Conservatively

This comment from Laurence Cohen is making the rounds: …after 16 years, my regular Courant column-writing days are over. Still doing columns for Hart. Business Journal, Waterbury R-A, and Banker & Tradesman, in Boston. Larry has been writing for The Courant in some capacity or another for a long, long time; and of course everyone’s [...]


Helen Ubinas Announces Her Departure

Helen Ubinas has always been blunt. So it is no surprise that she stays in character while announcing her departure from The Courant. This is a huge loss for the newspaper and hopefully a fresh start for Helen, who has put many a deserving big shot — from the governor on down — in his [...]

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