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Friends and Supporters

Three Accomplished Survivors

Peter Sleight, Hugh Owen and Ken Gosselin crossed the 25-year mark at The Courant recently. It’s an enormous achievement these days when good journalists are being cast off by the dozens. Peter, I happen to know, was hired by former State Editor M.J. Smith about a week before I was. He ran the largest bureau [...]


Bob Conrad Sr., Dead At 91

I am sorry to report that Bob Conrad Sr. — a veteran Connecticut journalist and father of our former colleague Bob Conrad — has died. Our condolences to the younger Bob and his family. Here’s Bob Conrad Sr.’s obituary.


Bill Due Back

Bill Leukhardt, the reporter most responsible for bringing congeniality and bad jokes to the newsroom, reports for work today after his long medical leave. It is great to see him restored to full service after such a long and brave recovery. (Will someone — even Bill himself — fill us in on his first day?)


Naedine Is Back

Facebook posts by her and her many admirers indicate that Hartford Courant Editor Naedine Hazell is back in the newsroom after her hospitalization for a serious heart condition. It’s good to see she is back and receiving such a warm welcome from her colleagues.

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