Rick And His ‘Crumby’ Poem

Concerned that The Refugee  Camp was suffering from a shortage of fresh content, former Courant copy editor Rick Stewart has thrown himself onto the Alter of News with this update:

I had a book self-published via PublishAmerica a few years back — a bunch of silly verses I wrote as lunch notes for my kids, which my wife said I should publish –

I got a buddy to illustrate some of the poems, and PublishAmerica put it together, at no cost to me, and there it is, online and for sale. Ii think it’s sold six, maybe seven (!) copies online, but PublishAmerica makes its money by selling the book back to you, and I’ve bought maybe 50 copies myself — kind of fun —

Anyway, here’s one of the poems in the book:

“Ode to a Crumb”

O little crumb upon the plate / Born of cookie lately great / How does it feel, so all alone / Your mother gone to parts unknown / Your father, too, has disappeared / You have no reason to be cheered

I ate them both, they’re gone for good / And you be lonely, as you should / But worry not about your fate, about your status on the plate / You soon shall join the Macaroons, the Oreos, the Lorna Doones

For when the cookies have departed / Have left the crumbs so broken-hearted / There’s nothing left for me to do / But lick the plate and EAT YOU, TOO!

[Editor's note: The Hartford Courant Alumni Association and Refugee Camp welcomes all correspondence from its far-flung membership, and reminds everyone that Facebook is not the only game in town.]


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