Help Build The MHS Media Empire

Jim Farrell (Courant buyout Class of ’08), checked in with an update and an invitation:

Hello everyone. I’m working these days as an assistant principal at Manchester High School, and one of the neat parts of my job is helping shape our mini-media empire. We created a new school website in September and I think it’s already among the best in the state. Feel free to check it out at We update content every day and get about 8,000 visits and 17,000 page views each week. We also have created companion Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts — all called MHSRedline —  and have a collective 800 followers including parents, alumni and even media types.  

The students who run our school newspaper have contributed a lot to the website, but starting next week (when second semester begins) we are going to try to more fully integrate our students from video production classes, photo seminar classes, even the yearbook class. In other words, create the kind of synergy that all the ‘real’ media companies seek.

So, here’s the invitation: If anyone would like to come to MHS and speak to (or even just drop in on) our media class, we’d be thrilled. This might be especially worthwhile for anyone who is thinking about becoming a teacher. But even if you just wanted to have a chance to meet a bunch of really nice kids, and share some of your wisdom and ideas, it would be great.

You can contact me at Thanks for considering this, and all the best to all of you.


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