Hold Some Meetings; Save The Courant

I was sitting at the keyboard recently and all of a sudden was stricken with an idea:

How about bunches of specially selected folks from the Courant newsroom get together — maybe behind closed doors — and come up with ways to save the paper? I think it would be best if they focused primarily on innovative ways to improve the online content in particular, since the print product may not have much of a future anyway. I think they should try to get all this done by, say, Friday, just so it doesn’t drag on.

Oh, wait. That’s already being done.

Since those talks are confidential, however, I will offer this blog as an alternative forum and outlet for innovative thinking among those of you who may not have been invited to the pow-wow but wish for the nation’s oldest continuously published newspaper to continue being so.


3 Responses to “Hold Some Meetings; Save The Courant”

  1. 1 JunpJive

    Saving the Courant must start with removing the elephant in the room — otherwise known as Rich Graziano. Graziano’s total knowledge of news in general would take up less than half of the front page of the newspaper. He is not a dynamic leader…

    Tribune would not have to look far to find someone that is better qualified to lead the paper, and better yet, serve as a true community leader. Please tell Graziano it’s time to step out of the way and make room for someone to bring the Courant out of the dark ages.


    A. Dogoody

  2. 2 Janet Koch

    I think all we can do at this point is pray …

  3. 3 Shadow Courant

    Jettison the TV station. It was a failed experiment. It’s an afterthought in this market, let’s face it. Put the resources into the Courant, a product people actually spend money on, read and care about, even as Graziano tries to bury it.

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