Cohen Departs Conservatively

This comment from Laurence Cohen is making the rounds:

…after 16 years, my regular Courant column-writing days are over. Still doing columns for Hart. Business Journal, Waterbury R-A, and Banker & Tradesman, in Boston.

Larry has been writing for The Courant in some capacity or another for a long, long time; and of course everyone’s tenure must end sometime. It just seems like most of the recent endings are for the wrong reasons.

Larry Cohen, conservative dresser

Anyway, Larry, please forgive the resurrection of this photo from the collection of Henry McNulty. It was taken, I’m guessing, in the 70s, when the Courant was at the beginning of a long upward climb in popularity, influence and profitability.


6 Responses to “Cohen Departs Conservatively”

  1. 1 Andy Kreig

    Congrats, Larry, on a great long run!

    Andy Kreig

    PS And the late, great Courant sportswriter Frank Keyes knew how to pick’em when he spotted “Kid Vestibule” as an up-and-comer!

  2. 2 Andy Kreig


    Congrats on a great, long run!

    The late Courant sportswriter Frank Keyes knew how to pick ‘em when he dubbed Kid Vestibule at the beginning as an up-and-comer.

    With fond memories and all best for the future,

  3. 3 Henry McNulty

    Yes, this picture was taken in the early afternoon of September 16, 1977, in what then was the Life/style Department.

  4. 4 Henry McNulty

    I also would like to wish Larry well. I always enjoyed reading his columns.

  5. 5 Janet Koch

    Did anyone on this site know John Mongillo???? omG omG omG … major loss for the Connecticut photojournalism scene …

  6. 6 Reid MacCluggage

    Good luck, Larry. Your stuff always added spice to the opinion pages.

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