Helen Ubinas Announces Her Departure

Helen Ubinas has always been blunt.

So it is no surprise that she stays in character while announcing her departure from The Courant.

This is a huge loss for the newspaper and hopefully a fresh start for Helen, who has put many a deserving big shot — from the governor on down — in his place.


3 Responses to “Helen Ubinas Announces Her Departure”

  1. 1 Janet Koch
  2. 2 David Lightman

    Helen…you were such a pleasure to read and to work with…call if you ever get down to Washington!

  3. 3 Owen Walker

    Helen is and still will be one of the best people I got to know during my time at The Courant. You left on your terms friend, and I know you would have had it no other way. Now! Where’s the party going to be!! :-)

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