Jim Smith Retires

George Gombossy sends along these photos of some ex-Courant folks attending last weekend’s retirement party for Jim Smith, executive editor of the New Britain Herald and Bristol Press.

Smith, also a former Courant journalist, retired in January and was replaced by David M. Warren on Feb. 1.

Smith is on the left in this shot. On the right is Clemson Smith Muniz and in the middle is Jon Sandberg.

Below is longtime Courant veteran Dennie Williams, right, and, second from left, is (I am now told by Henry McNulty), Reid MacCluggage, former Assistant Managing Editor and Managing Editor at the Courant and retired publisher of The Day.  Between Reid and Dennis is Carol Giacomo of the New York Times editorial board.

And here is a nice shot of Dennie, who, by the way, is usually a hilarious public speaker. Gombossy adds this: “If any of you want Dennie’s hour-long speech, I am sure he can send it.”


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  1. 1 southern migrator

    May Jim Smith enjoy a long and healthy retirement. I served under him at the News Times in Danbury, when I was just starting out in my career. He was inspiring and a top notch editor. I was fortunate to have served with many great journalists, and he was one of the first. I wish him all the best.

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