Gombossy And Courant Parting Ways

The Laurel Club has confirmed with George Gombossy, Watchdog consumer columnist, what we’ve been hearing for a couple of days: that he is separating from the company involuntarily — apparently over differences in whether/how to cover an advertiser.

gombossyGeorge is among the paper’s most tenured writers, having served everywhere from the Willimantic bureau to the investigative desk. He was the Business News editor before his consumer job. While working as a lead reporter, he covered the famous Colonial Realty scandal, the scandal over taping inmate conversations by the state, and racial profiling by cops in Avon on the famous “Barkhamsted Express,” among other things.

Welcome to the camp, George, and let us know when the retirement party is.


6 Responses to “Gombossy And Courant Parting Ways”

  1. 1 George Gombossy

    No retirement
    Just a party
    Officers’ Club
    Date to be announced

  2. 2 Denis

    Jesus!!!! George Gombossy fired for wanting to do what he’s paid to do and has done with such distinction for so long? This is so really serious. This isn’t a randy executive boning the help. This is corrupt executives screwing the readership on the very core of what the paper stands for. This is a real mess.

  3. 3 Joyce

    I can’t believe this, he protects people and uncovers those who rip us off, I had a great one for him, there’s no one else I’d trust at this point. What is going on . . . .

  4. 4 George Gombossy

    Looking for volunteers to help celebrate the continuation of the fight to return The Courant to the high standards we all helped create.
    Suggest we charge $10 for tickets to the party – half going for food, half to Camp Courant.
    Thoughts? Volunteers.

  5. 5 Bob Englehart

    Sounds good to me. Camp Courant could use the dough. I’ve heard so many rumors, I can’t wait to talk to you in person!

  6. 6 Paul Stern

    It would help to know when this party is tentatively set for. Where we could figure out later.

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