Hat Tip to Paul

Here’s yet another attaboy to Paul Stern for his wonderful work on this page, giving us such an opportunity so keep up together, to watch one another’s progress and to stay abreast of trends and developments of such interest to this wondrously ragtag outfit of folks independent of the Courant these days.

Without Paul’s efforts there’s so much we’d miss, so many details and developments that we’d simply be unaware of. It takes a special dedication and skill to sustain this page and, as much as Paul has always demonstrated those qualities, we are especially grateful that they are applied so generously to our interests.

Like old veterans who cluster with the bond, “We were in the war together,” we all have deep feelings from our experiences at 225 Broad & beyond. This page helps us keep things vital as we variously sort out our new directions. Thanks for that, Paul.

– denis


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  1. 1 Tom

    Absolutely. Thanks, Paul.

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