Post No. 500

This is the 500th post on the Hartford Courant Alumni Association and Refugee Camp blog.

There is no significance to this fact, but as an arbitrary demarkation and cause for reflection, it will do.

Here are the monthly readership stats since the inception of the HCAAARC (an acronym pronounced like an old man clearing  phlegm, which is why we seldom use it) blog in August of last year:


You will see that there has generally been an upward trend since our humble beginnings, atributable mainly to the many horrible and newsworthy events that have befallen the newspaper and its people.  Layoffs, by far, were the greatest incentive for people to visit the blog, in large part because the company gave out so little information on the subject. 

 The monthly average number of visits since the inception of the blog 11 months ago is 9,879. This results in what is known among the blogging community as a 3.85 Thought Transferance Index Ratio or TTIR. (The stats for June of this year are obviously only a reflection of the first nine days, but your reading of this post has already bumped that number up by one.  Thanks for that.)

Please, please feel free to contribute your thoughts, events, opinions and news tips so that all  Courant followers  (and there apparently are many) can continue to feel at least a little bit connected to each other and the great institution it used to be. 

I like to think we’re collectively keeping the place a little more honest and true to itself, too.

Paul E. Stern

Founder, Editor, Platform and Content Manager, and Director of Casual Wear


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  1. 1 Kate Farrish

    Good for you, Paul. You’re doing a great job of keeping the refugees current with The Courant and connected to each other.

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